Be Pro Active!
Get yourself in front of more employers with a Latium Pro subscription. Latium Pro includes FREE Verification, {{ servicesLimits?.proNormalizedToString }} Service Listings, Priority Bid Placement, Lower Project Fees, and More!
Why Go Pro?
Pro users get the best experience Latium has to offer. Get more views on your profile, have your bids show up at the top of the employer’s bid lists, pay lower or zero fees, and get your Latium verification for FREE!
FREE Verification
To become verified and gain access to verified only projects on Latium normally costs ${{ verificationPrice }} per month, however if you upgrade to a Pro account you can submit your verification at no additional charge!
Post {{ servicesLimits?.proNormalizedToString }} Service Listings
With a Latium Pro account you will be able to post {{ servicesLimits?.proNormalizedToString }} Service Listings. Increase your exposure and sales by offering more to the market!
Fees As Low As 0%
You did the work and you earned the money, so why pay higher fees every time you finish a project? With a Latium Pro account you'll enjoy our lowest project fees, so you can keep more of what you earn. With Pro your fees will be 10% for projects paid in USD, 5% for Crypto, and 0% for any project paid in WORK!
Pro Badge On Your Profile
Having a Latium PRO account provides you with multiple ways to get ahead of the competition. One of which is the PRO badge on your profile. This badge shows every time you are searched or you bid on a project, making you stand out to Employers.
Priority Placement When You Bid
Pro users get the most exposure when they bid on a project. All of your bids will show at the top of the employer's list, helping increase your chances of getting hired.